mark your calendars for Saturday sept. 2 2017 for a sale on older comics

amazing Spider-Manissues between #9 to 150, batman #150 to 250, and daredevil #1 to 150.

don't wait to pickup some great art and stories from a time when enjoying a good comic.

side note graphic novels 33% off, catch up with world war hulk, thor, batman, xmen and more. 

Joey Samaniego
Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to Funny Business's Comic Shop's newly redesigned website!  Our old website served us well for two years, providing the history of our little store and directions to get to us, but we plan on doing a lot more with our new home on the web.

We now have a digital storefront where you can purchase items exclusively from our warehouse that won't be available in our physical store.  Items we are planning on offering are some CGC graded books, vintage collectible figures, Silver and Golden Age books, and other rare goodies from the past.

We're also going to update front page with information about our upcoming events and other comic news that you guys might find interesting.  If you stick around for a while, you might see a web exclusive coupon that you can use in store!

All-in-all, we hope you enjoy the new look and feel of Funny Business on the web, and invite you to explore our many new features coming soon.

Eric Summers